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Remember the day that history was made and this nation changed forever. This plaque commemorates the election of our first Black President.  This beautiful keepsake is a reminder to dream the impossible dream.


We've designed a plaque that will forever remind us of the triumphs and the challenges that come with dreaming the impossible dream.  

These military plaques can be created for very special occasions such as promotions, retirements or as memorials.  On this particular plaque,  the serviceman's different companies were added to truly make this a very personal creation.

We can add the serviceman's obituary to the memorial along with any awards that were received.

The plaque commemorating the election of our 44th President are priced at $29.99


Our plaques honoring our military start at $24.99.  These plaques will reflect the different companies that the service person was a part of.

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