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General Information

Terms & Conditions

These terms will govern any orders placed with Inspiring Creations; therefore we encourage you to read these terms prior to placing your order. By submitting an order to Inspiring Creations, you (also referred to below as the customer) are hereby agreeing to all the terms and conditions as set forth below. This agreement is in lieu of a written consent, and will be binding by  both the customer and/or their representative(s).


Inspiring Creations is a full service desktop publishing company, specializing in specialty gift such as personalized plaques and calendars.  We also render such services as typesetting, book cover design, fliers, web design, invitations, souvenir books and programs of all types.  All designs are done in-house and backed by our satisfaction guaranteed policy.  All typed material is proofed and guaranteed to be error free upon shipping.  

Handling recommendations for plaques

These plaques are made to last a lifetime, however, some care is needed to insure that your investment is secure.  The covering on most of the plaques will be durable acrylic but they should not be hit, dropped, stepped on or thrown as this will damage the product and thereby void the warranty.  The plaques are sealed with a clear, acrylic sealant to make them airtight, however, they should not be immersed in water or subjected to excess moisture.  All plaques are shipped in a protective carton and every effort is made to insure safe traveling from us to you, however, if your product is damaged when it arrives to you, return it for a replacement at no additional charge.

Ordering Process


All custom orders require a deposit of half the total cost of item(s) prior to commencement of production.  Our site is set up to accept PayPal secured payments.  A receipt will be issued to you by PayPal.  We will never ask for your credit card information.  Larger than normal orders may require a check as payment.


An order confirmation will be sent to you via an email upon completion of your transaction with our sales department.  For your convenience, an estimated "due date" will appear on the confirmation.  Please review the form to insure that the information is correct, such as the shipping address, the product number and order information.  If any corrections are needed, simply reply back to that email to and the corrections will be made promptly.  

We will not be held responsible for failure of any email communication to you either due to incorrectly spelled email addresses, non-working email addresses or spam filters that prohibit our e-mails from reaching you.

Changing the order

For any corrections or changes that may be necessary on a “normal turnaround” order, please reply back to the sales confirmation email immediately. All changes must be made in writing within 24 hours upon receipt of the emailed confirmation. Failure to do so may result in incorrectly printed orders or delays in shipping. Once the order has left
the sales department, we will be unable to change the order. Therefore note that we will not be held responsible for any changes requested after the 24hr period.

Cancellation of order

Inspiring Creations begins production on incoming orders almost immediately. Our production line works 7 days a week in order to meet our customer's time lines. Therefore, we will not accept any order cancellation requests on custom printed orders.

As you know, a custom printed order may not be resold or restocked at our end; therefore Inspiring Creations will only issue a store credit for orders that require cancellation. This in-store credit will not expire, and may be used towards any item (both blank and custom printed wares) in our inventory.

Inspiring Creations makes several attempts to contact the customer in the event no artwork/logo is received, therefore we will not be responsible for the time line of an order if we do not receive the artwork/logo.


Guidelines for submitting your artwork

Please send your imprint instructions to us immediately. If you are e-mailing it to the art department, please put the name and order number on the subject line. We will not accept any responsibility for delays in processing an order if we do not receive the artwork in a timely manner.

We require “camera ready” high resolution artwork so as to meet production time lines. Although we clean up and retouch any artwork/logo received in order to make it print worthy, if you do not provide clean, high-resolution, camera-ready artwork, we will not be responsible for the resulting poor imprint quality. Note that the added work involved in cleaning up any artwork will also add to production time, which may eventually delay the order. We will not accept responsibility for the delayed production on an order when the imprint provided is of poor quality.

Imprint instructions

We will not be responsible for any missing information on your order form nor for any missing imprint instructions.  In order to correctly follow your imprint instructions, we require that all information relating to your ‘artwork’ or ‘logo’ be sent TOGETHER  in ‘one’ email. Therefore, if you send your logo in one email, and the text to be ‘included’ with the logo in another email, we will NOT be responsible for putting the two together. Do not send us multiple logos or artwork and assume we will know which one to use. We will not be responsible in the event we pick the ‘incorrect’ logo.



A proof will add several days to your production time line, therefore you will only receive an emailed “proof” upon request. This proof enables you to view the artwork, but it will not depict exact product colors nor will it illustrate the exact product size, as it is merely a computer-generated image.  Proofs are available on custom, personalized products only.

The proof approval form must be signed and returned before production begins. Although every effort will be made to prevent errors (grammar, spelling and layout), we will not be responsible for any errors on an order that was proofed and approved by the customer or customer's representative. These errors will be corrected at the customer's sole expense.

*If an order has a specific “in hands” date, a proof may delay production, thus jeopardizing your chances of receiving the order in a timely manner. We will not be held responsible for any resulting delays on these orders.

Proofs are not intended to be ‘decision making tools’ for the customer. There will be no option to cancel an order simply because the proof is not working out. The longer you take to approve a proof – either because of changes that you request, or otherwise – the longer the delay in the production of your order.  Therefore please do not place an order merely in order to obtain a proof, as the order will be binding, regardless of whether the proof is approved or not.


When no proof is requested, please ensure that the artwork/logo that you are submitting is completely error free.

In the event an order is printed with an incorrectly submitted artwork/logo, Inspiring Creations will not be held responsible for your oversight, and payment in full will be valid for the completed work. You may request a redo; however it will be at your expense.

Refunds and return policy

As you may be aware, custom printed products cannot be restocked. In fact, the industry standard for customized products dictates a no return and a no refund policy.

If an order is not well received – either due to a typo or other issues – our policy to redo the order and ship it via ground shipping method will still prevail.  When an error has been confirmed, we will make every attempt to promptly redo the order. We will process the redo order exactly as you had originally requested minus any errors that we made. We will not change the product, the logo or artwork or the imprint color when processing the redo unless pre-approved by us.

Due to fluctuating manufacturer costs, prices may change without notice.


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